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About Mythili Dance Academy

MDA Students

 Mythili Dance Academy(MDA), School of Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance) was founded by Guru Rama Suresh in 1988. Having taught 1500+ students in 34+ years, MDA is one of the premier dance institutions in Texas and Illinois! MDA offers a disciplined approach to practice sessions and expressional dance form including theory to its aspiring and motivated students, similar to the way it was instilled in Rama by her Gurus - the doyens of Thanjavur tradition of Bharatanatyam - Guru Thanjai Arunachalam Pillai and Thanjai Vasudevan Pillai. MDA teaches in 4 different locations in Texas - Frisco, Plano, Mckinney, Prosper and Peoria in Illinois. Rama choreographs and present both solo dance recitals as well as thematic dance ballets based on a variety of themes from ancient epics to contemporary ones. MDA provide the stage and opportunity to its students to perform before large audience and to graduate as professional artists of this artform.

Rama's mission is to collaborate with diverse global communities and artists connected and inspired by dance, to engage in collective action towards dancing to raise funds for good charitable causes. In line with that, Rama has produced and directed several successful Broadway style shows with her diverse team of 120 dancers comprising ballet, Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean dancers to raise funds for Metroplex Tamil Sangam, OSF Children's Hospital, Center for Prevention of Abuse, Chinmaya Hamsavahini,MTS Dallas, Wildlife Prairie Park, St. Jude Children Research Hospital, Ronald McDonald House of Central Illinois to name a few! Through these shows, a sum of $678,428 has been raised and donated to various charitable organizations in the past several years!!

MDA's primary focus is on the following key activiites:

1. Teaching students at the Academy

2. Showcasing and giving performance opportunities to upcoming Bharatanatyam artists in our academy and in the US

3. Performing and enthralling audiences here in the US and globally
4. Collaborate with world cultures and showcase the finest Indian and other performing artists working in several genres
5. Fundraising by making a difference through dance and donating to charitable organizations 

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